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Halloween Party Games

What is a Halloween party without games? Many traditional games are not appropriate in a pandemic. Donut on a string? Heavens no! Bobbing for apples? Horrors!! After cider and cookies try your hand at one of these old-fashioned games. Maintain social distancing!

The game “Kim” is a simple memory game, named after the 1901 novel by Rudyard Kipling. Prepare a tray containing a selection of small articles, preferably unrelated items. Players are given a time to look at the tray and try to remember the contents. The tray is covered or removed, and players then try to make a list of the articles. It is much harder than it sounds and the memory can be tricky.

The Laughing Game is sure to be a hit. Players sit in a circle (at least 6 feet apart!) at the start of the game. Each player takes a turn to say “Ha”, “Ho” or “Hee”. Take turns going around the circle, and try to catch the next player unaware. The first player to start laughing loses and is out of the game. Continue until everyone is out of the game. The person who manages not to laugh for the longest is the winner.

End your historic evening with an authentic Victorian Halloween tradition. This game called "Dry Bread" is from the 1912 book mentioned above. "Dreams mean much on Hallow-e’en, but certain ceremonies must be carefully followed in order to insure the spell. Before going to sleep for the night have some one bring a small piece of dry bread. No word can be spoken after this; silence must prevail. Eat bread slowly, at same time making a wish and thinking the pleasantest thing imaginable. Then drop off to sleep, and your dreams will be sweet and peaceful, and your wish will come true, if the charm works.""

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