Audio Collection

Sample an oral history with Alfred Robbins. Mary Ellen Long interviewed Mr. Robbins on 2/1/92.

The following recordings are available for personal use. Please email or call the Museum at (970)259-2402 for more information.

Here is a list of the recordings currently available:

  • Jim Colvig, oral history, interviewed by Mary Ellen Long on 11/20/91
  • A.C. Robbins, oral history, interviewed by Mary Ellen Long on 2/1/92
  • Helen Berket (age 80), story of Helen's Store, interviewed by Mary Ellen Long on 12/6/91
  • Glenn Phillips, oral history, interviewed by Mary Ellen Long on 10/3/91
  • Mrs. Lora Belle Peterson, oral history, interviewed by Mary Ellen Long on 11/1/91
  • Frank Becay, oral history in 2 parts, interviewed by Mary Ellen Long on 2/13/91
  • Elizabeth Ann Morris, archaeologist, talk at the Animas Museum, date unknown.
  • Duane Smith, lecture with Tim Weisberg, date unknown
  • Katherine Dale Erler, interviewed by Mary Ellen Long on 9/1/88
  • Dr. Art Rohn, lecture at Fort Lewis College, date unknown
  • Jim Judge, archaeologist talk on Chaco, date unknown
  • Louis Smith II, interviewed by Robert McDaniel at the Animas Museum on 6/18/83
  • Louis Smith Jr. and great granddaughter Kathy Salars, interviewed by Robert McDaniel and Charles A. DiFerdinando on 8/11/88
  • Edith Rhodes talk on southwest Colorado hunter/gatherers, interviewed by Robert McDaniel at Bondad on 10/29/86
  • Edna & Oscar Swanson talking about the pony ride from Silverton to Durango, interviewed by Lawrence Kolz on 7/10/68
  • Amy Thompson and her daughter Margaret Bell interviewed by Robert McDaniel on 10/23/86
  • Bill Jones lecture on "Rails around the Circle" given 7/27/89
  • Albert Metz Sr. interviewed by Robert McDaniel on 6/19/96
  • Dr. Joe Ben Wheat lecture on early southwest weaving on 6/20/89
  • Julia Barnett Stribling with John and Jeanette Bell interviewed by Robert McDaniel, Charles A. DiFerdinando, and Duane Smith on 7/10/89
  • Jack Smith, Mesa Verde staff archaeologist, lecture on 7/13/89
  • Michael & Frances Connor, on the Connor Estate photos donated to the Animas Museum, interviewed by Robert McDaniel on 9/14/89
  • Fritz Box on Ute Oral Traditions, with Orion Box, Val Evanson and Charlie Lemon, talk at the La Plata County Fairgrounds during Cowboy Poetry Gathering, 10/6/90.
  • Ross & Ethel McCausland on the Ah Wilderness! Ranch, interviewed by Susan Reneau on 7/31/00
  • Frank Shry talk on Durango Fire Department history, interviewed by Robert McDaniel on 8/29/94
  • Dr. Art Rohn, lecture on the Northeast San Juan Ancestral Puebloan settlement pattern given 7/21/88
  • Dr. Duane Smith, lecture on Durango's Courtship of Mesa Verde and Durango's Archaeological Legacy on 11/4/82
  • Dr. Susan Riches, lecture on Durango Archaeology in Perspective given on 11/18/82
  • Trixie O'Donnell on Olga Little, 6/29/83
  • Art Wyatt interview, date unknown
  • Art Lancaster, date unknown

Recordings Pending:

  • Dr. Joe Ben Wheat lecture on Falls Creek date unknown
  • Dr. Joe Ben Wheat lecture on the Yellow Jacket site, 7/18/83
  • Art Lancaster, date unknown
  • Pepi Spake, niece of Frances Pingrey interviewed by Robert McDaniel, date unknown
  • Roberts/Conner family history by Adeline Harvey and Kathy Salars in August on 1981
  • Otto Mears, program by Robert McDaniel for Colorado Matters, Colorado Public Radio, interviewed by Dan Drayr on 3/11/02
  • Talk by Robert McDaniel on the Navajo Chief Blanket on 5/17/03
  • Zeke Flora's message to the Tree Ring Gang in 1975

Funding Required

There are more tapes that need to be digitized but more funding is required. If you are interested, you can "sponsor" a tape for $20 by emailing or calling the Museum at (970) 259-2402.

  • Alva Lyons interviewd by Robert McDaniels on 10/17/86, 2 tapes
  • A. Lewis & Robert Soens, interviewed by Robert McDaneils about their donations to the Museum on 2/10/95
  • Art Wyatt at 90 on Durango and the Uranium Smelter, interviewed by Robert McDaniel on 11/17/86
  • Dr. Robert Lister, lecture on comparing Mesa Verde and Chaco given on 8/16/83
  • Steve Baker on Victorian Archaeology, talk given on 11/4/82
  • Arvid Alexander, on railroading in Durango, recorded in 1983
  • Finally there are 10 tapes of interviews with Richard Wetherill Jr. on life in the area

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