Title Cabin in original location

The Joy Cabin was originaly located on Main Street in Animas City. The property was part of the original Animas City Townsite but the title before 1896 is unclear. Several families owned and lived in the cabin. The Wilkerson family owned it for a period of fourty-one years. After Main Avenue was widened in the 1950s, snowplows threw snow up against the east side of the north-facing cabin which sped up the deterioration of the orignal logs. The cabin was faced with demolition.

Cabin on Main Ave.

Cabin in original location with addition. Catalog number:

Placque Cabin at Brookside Park

Joy Cabin at left, in Brookside Park with Locomotive #315. Catalog number: 88.20.108

In 1958 the Four Corners Museum Association moved the cabin to Brookside Park (2301 Main Ave.). They rehabilitated it between 1959 and 1960 then used it to display part of their collections. The Durango Chamber of Commerce took over operation of the cabin when the Four Corners Museum Association disbanded in 1979. That year the City of Durango transfered ownership of the cabin to the newly formed La Plata County Historical Society.

Moving the Cabin Cabin arriving

It wasn't until 1988 that the cabin was moved to the site of the Animas Museum. Charles DiFerdinando supervised the move then rebuilt the cabin by hand. He took the cabin apart; numerbering and tagging each log and wood piece, then rebuilt it over a period of about 10 years. DiFerdinando preserved as much authenticity and original materials as possible. The image below shows him hewing logs for the cabin.

Hewing logs

The cabin opened to the public on October 24, 1998 and has made an impression on countless numbers of tourists and school children that have visited over the years.

Ribbon Cutting

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