Title Panorama of interior

Inside this log cabin, as in countless others in the American West, a single room served as kitchen, dining room, sitting room, bedroom, and bathroom for a family of easily six to eight people.

East wall of interior

Imagine all the things your family does at home; hobbies, schoolwork and entertainment. Families living in a cabin did these things as well. Women and girls often did needlework, made quilts or knitted practical items. Reading was a popular entertainment, often with one person reading aloud, allowing one treasured book to be enjoyed by the entire family. Reading, handiwork and school assignments were all done in the (fairly dim) light of a homemade candle, coal oil lamp or the fireplace.


It was common for a family to bring family heirlooms or sentimental mementos from back east. This hall tree not only held coats and hats but was a treasured link to family and friends. Exchanging letters with those left behind was a luxurious treat and letters were saved to be read again and again. Before the railroad brought mail on a regular basis, letters were hauled to Del Norte, via Silverton over Stony Pass. This route was often impassable to wagons and brave men on skis or snowshoes carried bags of mail in dangerous conditions.

Hall tree Sears catalog page with hall tree

Explore the different "rooms" in our one room cabin:

The Bedroom

The Kitchen

The Bathroom

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