The Animas City School

Animas City School
  • The first school in Animas City was housed in a log cabin on the north side of town. Mrs. Puett was the only teacher.
  • By 1878, Animas City had outgrown the log school and built a frame building located on 2nd Street near the Presbyterian Church. No photographs are known to exist of this school.
  • The third school opened in Animas City around 1880 at the southeast corner of what is now west 2nd Avenue and 31st Street. It was brick with three classrooms and was reputed to be crowded with ten grades.
  • In 1905, the “rock schoolhouse” built across the street from the brick school opened after a year of construction. It was built of sandstone quarried just north of the city and featured spacious classrooms. The building was the largest and most impressive in Animas City and was used for all types of community events.
  • The Animas City School became part of the Durango School District in 1939.
  • Be sure to visit the restored classroom and the Schools: The Heart of the Community exhibit at the Museum.

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