Boomtown Durango

Durango from Smelter Hill

Durango around 1888 looking north from Smelter Hill. Catalog number: 95.11.24

  • Surveyors arrived in the new town in September of 1880. The platted out the town then started selling lots for $50 to $100 each. In two days, they sold $15,000 worth of lots
  • By December of 1880, there were 2000 people in the Durango.
  • The image above was taken when the town was about eight years old. Unlike many other towns in the United States, Durango did not have to wait for the invention of the airplane for arial photos. This image was taken from Smelter Hill.
  • The image below, another pre-airplane arial photo, was taken by W.H. Jackson from Reservoir Hill around 1885.

Durango from Reservoir Hill

Durango around 1885. Image taken by W.H. Jackson around 1885. Catalog number: 90.30.1

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