Mesa Verde

Cliff Palace

Image of Cliff Palace taken by Clayton Perkins. Catalog Number:

From 1150 to 1300 CE, the Pueblo people were going through many changes. This era is known as the Pueblo III Period. At the beginning of this time period, most people lived on small farms in the areas around Mancos, Dolores, and Cortez. As time progressed, people left their small farms to join larger, more protected villages like the ones we see at Mesa Verde. By 1250 CE, it is estimated that more than 20,000 people lived in the Mesa Verde region. Follow this link to learn more about Mesa Verde and the people that lived there. .

Also, check out this PBS video, which was done in collaboration with Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Mesa Verde National Park, History Colorado, and PBS (28 mins): video.rmpbs.org/video/colorado-experience-living-west-water.

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