Durango's Historic Real Estate

This scanning project was made possible by funds from the Durango Area Association of Realtors Community Service Grant. If you are interested in obtaining copies of any of these photos, please call the museum at 970 259-2402.

Whittier School Trimble Hot Springs Conoco Station
Catalog Number: 01.2.1 Catalog Number: 89.38.23 Catalog Number: 02.50.15
19th & Main Ave., originally Northside School, built 1885-1886. Photo taken before 1901. Demolished after Needham School built in 1952. Hermosa House, taken circa 1920 at Trimble Hot Springs. 7th & Main Ave., photo taken circa 1930, across from Jackson and Durango Hardware.
Triangle Service Station Cornerstone Church Whitney Auto Sales
Catalog Number: 03.23.1 Catalog Number: 04.5.106 Catalog Number: 04.5.125
1101 Main Ave., photo taken around 1920. 108 W. 31st St., photo taken May 1994 looking east. Building formerly Animas Elementary School, site of the Animas City School built in 1880 and used as a school until 1905 when the new building across the street was opened. 907 Camino del Rio, photo taken April 1995.
Former Chez Grande-Mere Restaurant Jarvis Building Durango Arts Center
Catalog Number: 04.5.126 Catalog Number: 04.5.128 Catalog Number: 04.5.139
Photo taken July 1997 of Three Depot Place. Smelter Mountain visible in the background. Owned by Chef Michael Poumay. The building at 1001 Main Ave. was built in the early 1890s and was home to a variety of early businesses. Building at 2nd Ave. and 8th St. has been various car dealerships including the Dodge Showroom, Pat Murphy Motors and Hocker Motors.
Village Inn Trans Lux New 5 Screen Theater Lori's Family Dining
Catalog Number: 04.5.142 Catalog Number: 04.5.144 Catalog Number: 04.5.145
Photo taken in December of 1995 of the building that is now Fiesta Mexicana at 2850 Main Ave. Photo taken in July 1994 of 800 S. Camino del Rio, next to the Durango Mall. Taken in April 2001, the National Guard Armory is seen in the background of this building at 2653 Main Ave., now Doughworks.
1130 Main Ave. Old J.C. Penney's Building Jarvis Building
Catalog Number: 04.5.146 Catalog Number: 04.5.149 Catalog Number: 04.5.152
This building was originally the Windsor Hotel built in 1890. The photograph was taken in March of 1993. Built in 1928 and affiliated with J.C. Penney since 1931, this building at 8th St. and Main Ave. represents the influence of French architecture on the building boom. Photo taken in January of 1996. Built in 1889, the building at 1015 Main Ave. was owned by the Kern family until 1940 and housed the Balthasar Kern Saloon until around 1910. This photo was taken in May of 1994 when Oohs and Aahs and Welcome Home stores were there.
Riverside Office Conduminium Central Hotel Velma's Supper Club
Catalog Number: 04.5.158 Catalog Number: 04.5.161 Catalog Number: 04.5.166
Photo taken in June of 1995, of 1500 block of E. 2nd Ave. of this red brick modern Victorian stlye building near the railroad bridge over the Animas River. Red brick building built in 1892 at 975 Main Ave. is now El Rancho Bar on the street level and features a mural on the north side. Kroeger's Hardware is seen in the background of this photo taken in May of 1984. This photo was taken in September of 1993 before Velma's Supper Club of the 1950s and 1960s was torn down to make room for the Hampton Inn. The Community Hospital is in the background.
Chief Diner Assay Office Restaurant Two Story Frame Building
Catalog Number: 04.5.167 Catalog Number: 04.5.186 Catalog Number: 04.5.199
A Silverton Northern Railroad car was used at 2172 Main Ave. first as the Thunderbird Trading Post then the Chief Diner. This photo, taken in December of 1981, shows the diner being moved and the Vagabond Motel at right. Photo taken in June of 1995 of the building at 3206 N. Main Ave., formerly Columbine Antiques. Photo of building taken in May 1993. This was probably an outbuilding of 1503 E. 3rd Ave.
757 E. 4th Ave. 703 E. 5th Ave. 973 3rd Ave.
Catalog Number: 04.5.206 Catalog Number: 04.5.211 Catalog Number: 04.5.223
Two story brick house with turret and dome built between 1893 and 1898. Home of Lou J. Nathan of Nathan's Shoe and Clothing Company in 1900. By 1910, home of William Nicholas Bagby, a businessman who started one of Durango's first groceries and was county assessor in 1885. Built around 1881 by Weddington & Bell for G.D. Jackson. In 1892, Mrs. Jackson and teacher Hettie Haggart lived here. The Haggart family lived here in 1900, John Haggart was one of the first physicians at Mercy Hospital. In 1911 it was home to D&RG conductor Bert Bendure and his family, then in 1921 Charles Stilwell of the Strater Hotel and Burns National Bank resided here. Photo taken in 1989 of house built in 1881 by Robert E. Sloan, one of the original partners in Graden's Mercantile. His granddaughter Katherine Ayers lived in this house until her death in 1993.
943 E. 5th Ave. 747 E. 3rd Ave. 773 E. 3rd Ave.
Catalog Number: 04.5.230 Catalog Number: 04.5.231 Catalog Number: 04.5.232
Presently owned by Jon Geer. House built in 1883 by A.P. Camp, associcated with the First National Bank of Durango and his wife Estelle, a Cornell University graduate. Original colors on exterior. Their son, Alfred McNeil Camp, lived here until his death. This house, built in 1885, was the home in 1903 of Sam Herr, superintendent of the Porter and Hesperus Fuel Company.
Low Income Housing Burns Bank under construction Burns Bank
Catalog Number: 04.5.240 Catalog Number: 04.5.61 Catalog Number: 04.5.63
Building at 5th Ave. and 1st St., subsidized two-story apartments. Photo taken around December of 1995 of the new Burns Bank at 12th St. and Main Ave. under construction. Railroad tracks seen in foreground. New Burns Bank at 12th St. and Main Ave. shown in July of 1997 across from the Model Tire Store.
Colorado State Bank, then Burns National Bank, 900 Main Ave Back of Mercy Hospital Former Pingrey-Malberg house
Catalog Number: 04.5.65 Catalog Number: 04.5.81 Catalog Number: 04.5.82
Photo taken in May 1994 at 900 Main Ave. of original Colorado State Bank, 1892 - 1907. Burns Bank assumed the building from 1910 until 1995. Photo taken in August of 1993 of the back of Mercy Hospital at 1900 E. 3rd Ave. near St. Columba's School. Once the Pingrey family house, the building at 2019 E. 3rd Ave. seen in this August 1994 photo, was used as Mercy Hospital's childcare center, then a Montessori school.
Back of Mercy Medical Center East side of former Clark home Bible Missionary Church
Catalog Number: 04.5.92 Catalog Number: 04.10.495 Catalog Number: 04.25.8
The Durango Public Library currently occupies this site at E. 20th St. and E. 3rd Ave. Mary Jane Clark, Robert Dwyer's sister-in-law, lived in this 2 story house at the 2400 black of Main Ave. This photo was probably taken in 1993. This photo was taken around 1959 when the Union Gospel Mission merged with the Bible Missionary Church at 2577 Main Ave.
First Presbyterian Church Strater Hotel Smiley Junior High School
Catalog Number: 05.17.2 Catalog Number: 05.17.3 Catalog Number: 05.17.6
The original church at 1159 E. 3rd Ave. burned down in the Fire of 1889. This photograph was taken around 1895, before the minister's house was built. Built in 1887, the Strater Hotel was located on the 600th block of Main Ave. This photo was taken around 1895. This photo was taken around 1939 when the school at the 1300 block of E. 3rd Ave. was new.
Gardenschwartz Sporting Goods Johnston Real Estate Building 800 block Main Ave.
Catalog Number: 14.1.8 Catalog Number: 14.1.16 Catalog Number: 14.1.21
Photo taken after the fire of August 1974 on Main Ave. showing Chez Louis French Restaurant and Thompson's Saddle Shop. Photo of the August 1974 fire viewd from E. 8th St. showing the Newman Block on Main Ave. The remains of Taylor-Raymond Jewelers, the Metropole Hotel, and Gambles Furniture and Hardward after the August 1974 fire on Main Ave.
1770 W. 3rd Ave. 1770 W. 3rd Ave. 1825 W. 3rd Ave.
Catalog Number: 04.10.96 Catalog Number: 04.10.97 Catalog Number: 04.10.98
1939 photo of house built in 1930 by Mr. Steele. Residence in 1932 of John Lee, proprietor of the Rocky Mountain Electric Station and his wife Eleanor. Photo showing arched stone entry of house built in 1930 by Mr. Steele was home of the John Lee family in 1932. Built in 1933 by Mr. Steele, home of Harry and Nelma Andrew in 1949, owners of Andrew Safety Service. Photo taken around 1933.
1825 W. 3rd Ave. 945 E. 3rd Ave. 1237 E. 3rd Ave.
Catalog Number: 04.10.99 Catalog Number: 89.13.1 Catalog Number: 89.13.13
Different view of the home of Harry and Nelma Andrew, built in 1949. Photo taken by Clayton Perkins of 2-story brick house, built before 1890 and home in 1903 to high school teacher M.P. Miller. Ray Goodman of Goodman Paints and Undertakers and his wife also lived here starting in 1932. Photo taken in 1901 of 2-story house immediately south of Hood Mortuary. Built in 1892, this house was owned by many of the leading families in Durango including the Wilson's, George E. West, Robert Sloan, and Clayton Perkins and his wife Zaidee Rockwood Perkins.
Mason Grade School Western Colorado Power Company Sinclair Oil Filling Station
Catalog Number: 86.19.109 Catalog Number: 89.38.7 Catalog Number: 89.38.18
The site of the Central School built in 1893 and destroyed by fire in 1950 at 1200 3rd Ave. This photo shows the Mason School under construction around 1953. Located at 921 Main Ave. around 1920 when this photo was taken of the Power Company office. Photo taken around 1920 of the Sinclair Filling Station on 7th and Main Ave.
1666 Main Ave. Durango Mall 677 E. 3rd Ave.
Catalog Number: 04.5.189 Catalog Number: 04.5.190 Catalog Number: 04.5.242
Built in 1940, this was the home of Glen Wood, associated with Wood Pharmacy in 1979. Photo taken in April 1995 of building, then a real estate office. Taken in November 2000, this photo of the Durango Mall shows stores including K-Mart, Sears, and J.C. Penney's. House built by Scottish stonemason David Ramsey between 1904 and 1910. The photo taken in May 1993 shows Smelter Mountain in the background.
1154 E. 4th Ave. 531 3rd Ave. 670 E. 3rd Ave.
Catalog Number: 04.5.243 Catalog Number: 04.5.246 Catalog Number: 04.5.247
Two-story brick house built in 1889, home of the Greenfield family then James Hards. Former home of John Baudino, built in 1922. Also home of Ramsey and White. Photo taken in August 1999 of the house built before 1893 by Walter Weightman who owned an early Durango grocery store.
3700 W. 2nd Ave. 857 E. 3rd Ave. Gateway Park Playgrounds
Catalog Number: 04.5.248 Catalog Number: 04.5.253 Catalog Number: 04.5.302
Merced de las Animas Apartments built by Mercy Housing. One-story gray stucco house built before 1890 first owned by Penina McAtee. Owned later by Harry Fry, conductor for the D&RG, later by the Wilson family, proprietors of Wilson's Furniture and Hardware. Photo taken in December 1994 of the playground at Gateway Park, also known as Santa Rita and Webtown. Home of mainly Hispano residents, many who worked at the smelters and vanadium plant.
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