The Animas Museum teamed up with the Oklahoma Correctional Industries (OCI) to scan many of our Durango Toltecs into searchable PDFs. The goal of OCI is to use this scanning program as rehabilitation training for incarcerated offenders within the Department of Corrections. They are attempting to give these offenders training in areas that will allow them to provide for themselves and their families without having to return to a life of crime when released. Their High School Yearbook Project is a free service for high schools, museums, libraries, and other archival institutions. We were lucky enough to take part in this project in 2018.

OCI works on specific years of yearbooks at a time from all of their participating organizations. For our first batch, we sent in our yearbooks from 1950 to 1980. More recently, we were able to also send in yearbooks from 1980 to the present.

We currently have DHS yearbooks from 1905 to 2019 with a few exceptions. If there is a gap in the years available, it could be because we do not have a copy of this yearbook in our collections, or it has not yet been scanned by OCI. In 2023, with the help of a generous donor, we are planning to scan the rest of the yearbooks once OCI gives us the okay. If you see a missing yearbook that you currently own and wish to donate, please email info@animasmuseum.org and provide photos if possible. The Animas Museum does not accept artifacts on loan. The Museum is also unable to purchase artifacts from collectors. If you wish to make a donation in person, please contact the Animas Museum for an appointment time.

If you download a file, it will open in a new tab in your browser. Please be aware that these are large, ranging from 20MB to over 100MB.

If these are helpful to you, please consider a donation to the Museum via the PayPal button below to support this effort.


"Let us, before we die, gather up our heritage, and offer it to our children."

Will Durant, The Story of Civilization